Wheat flour, whole wheat flour ,sugar, rice flour, corn grits, oats flour, glucose-fructose  syrup, honey 4%, dextrose, rapeseed oil, salt, emulsifier:soya lecithin, malt extract, vitamins mixes (Vit.C, Vit.B1, vit.B2, niacin,Vit.B6, Folic acid, 

Biotin, Pantothenic acid, Vit.E,B12)

Product contains gluten, soy. May contain of hazelnuts, dairy products traces.


Packed in polypropylene bag and a cardboard box or in a polypropylene pack with the label. Packaging materials are accompanied by certificates proving that the substance is suitable for contact with food.

100g maistinė vertė:
  • Moisture content, %no > 6%
  • Fat content, %no > 25%
  • Total sugar content, %no > 35%
  • Insoluble ash content, %no > 1,5
  • Ochratoxin A3 µg/kg
  • Aflatoxins B1+B2+G1+G210 µg/kg
  • Zearalenone50 µg/kg
  • Radioactive isotopesno > 600 Bq/kg
  • Lead0,2 µg/kg
  • Cadmium0,1 µg/kg
  • Mercury0,03ppm
  • Arsenic1ppm